- Ah, yes, a little further GameSetLink-age for your wazoo, and this time, a fairly major cornucopia of linkage, including Second Life-rs branching out into ARGs, for starters.

Also below - a Dobbs Challenge update (reminder - the $1,000 'first month' part of the competition ends fairly soon!), as well as the mentioned/pictured neeto indie yoink-age of 'Rom Check Fail'. And onwards:

Millions of Us » Blog Archive » The Reality of Producing an Alternate Reality Game
The Second Life worldbuilders diversify further, I note.

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - News: BusinessWeek Arcade
Wow, BusinessWeek has an indie game portal now? Mind boggles.

Positivity Part 1: Royalties | metablog
'The main problem we have with retail-level royalties is that they lead directly to retail-level quality.'

Klei Entertainment Inc. » Blog Archive » “Crap” games are not the problem
More Metanet fallout: 'Really, lots of shitty games isn’t the problem. The problem is one of control and visibility.'

comics212 - never safe for work. » Blog Archive » PiQ Issue #1: Post-Mortem
Superdetailed slam of the new multi-artform (including game) mag. Unfair? Dunno. Interesting? sure.

YouTube - missFlag - Still Alive (Portal) HIGH QUALITY
Audio only, but yesh, more covers x infinity, yay.

Dobbs Challenge - And We’re Off!
The first updates in the $10,000 'mod a game with source code' competition sister site Dr. Dobb's Journal is running. Yay.

Online Game Fest | GameFest.UGOPlayer.com
Am helping to judge this - should be interesting, hopefully.

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Freeware Game Pick: Rom Check Fail (Farbs)
Awesome mashup concept alert.

Game Studies - Who’s Who and What’s What… « Digital Worlds
Interesting diagram on the overlap between audiences for game websites.