- Now, let's start the weekend with some delightful GameSetLink-age, pwning the Internet and making esoteric links your friend since 2005, ish.

This time, Harvey Smith says nice things about Tale Of Tales' latest indie title, James Kochalka advocates for games and kids going well together, and all kinds of other awesomeness occurs. Like this:

witchboy.net » Blog Archive » stones flowers
Harvey Smith critiques Tale Of Tales' 'The Graveyard' (pictured), intriguingly.

Business Week: 'Gaming Trends: 2008'
With quotes from Leigh, even!

Subatomic Brainfreeze: KINGS OF POWER 4 BILLION %
'So yeah, you guys may or may not know about Paul Robertson, but either way, it is clear to me that you should.'

Manifesto Games seeks venture round for indie games » VentureBeat
I love Manifesto, but I think indie is still selective, and venture funding isn't well suited to that.

Oxygen Games - 'Powershot Pinball Constructor'
Nice, Pinball Construction Kit new-style for DS, though I wonder if it has true global sharing - via Packratshow.

Gamasutra - Post-GDC: Aonuma's Reflections On Zelda
Check out the comments for the super DUPER bizarre... fan fiction?

American Elf: 'Level Up!'
The awesome GSW-reading cartoonist/artist/musician James Kochalka on why games and kids mix in good, fantastical ways.

Conserve Our Ocean Legacy: Ocean Survivor Game
A pointed anti-overfishing message via a Flash game - bravo.

Feature Article: The Long Road To High-Def Gaming | High-Def Digest
The history of enhanced resolutions in games!

Yahoo Auctions Japan - a special Pokemon GB auction
Gotta catch em all!