- Ah, yeah - a week's worth of RSS concatenated into the latest GameSetLinks, and the colorfully titled Grand Theft Childhood book - actually expressing some sane views, we've heard - is one of the things discussed below.

Also notable is Capcom being relatively honest about Xbox Live Arcade costs and suggesting that $10 is a _big_ rough to actually make money with its 2D update of Bionic Commando. It may be too late to change the price up, but we can at least make everyone aware that it's an issue, mm? Links are here:

EngRish Games blog
A Japanese indie gamer trying to point out/translate Japanese titles for us non-native speakers - via The2Bears.

Capcom reveals price for Bionic Commando | XBLArcade.com
'The poll says $10 so that’s what it will be. Since the title will have to do quite well at that price point to break even... I guess we have to roll the dice and see where they land.'

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Flash Game Pick: Questionaut (Amanita Design)
Amanita Design (Samorost) + BBC + education = wonderful Flash game.

Valiant Entertainment - Brett Ratner working on 'Harbinger' movie
Interesting because Valiant used to be owned by Acclaim (see: Shadowman, though not Turok), was bought out after Acclaim's bankruptcy.

Pro Wrestling Roundup: John Cena Has His Own NES Pro Wrestling Shirt
Cena is known to be a video game geek, I believe - this seals the deal.

PC World: Game Myths Debunked: Grand Theft Childhood
Discussing a new Harvard-authored book on the subtleties of video game consumption and kids.

Brand Week: Pontiac Evokes Nostalgia in New Campaign
Some of the reasoning behind that new Spy Hunter-inspired ad.

Vancouver Sun: 'Inside the EA Magic Factory'
Apparently it's a factory where they make magic!

Jim Flora :: Fine Art Print :: Manhattan
Completely random, but wouldn't it be cool to see a game using this art style?

Retro Sabotage: Dysfunctional time machine - Flash Games [ver.9.0 req.]
This is very surreal Flash game pastiche territory.