- Yay, some good ol' GameSetLinks for you, this time round - and probably the highlight is sister site IndieGames.com posting up a link to the (pictured) Noitu Love 2, for which a demo is now available.

In other fun linkage, we see the Video Gaiden award trails, the art of Braid continues, some ideas for Rock Band hardware upgrades, and a whole cornucopia of other neatness. And here goes:

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Indie Game Pick: Noitu Love 2 (Konjak)
Demo of the super-duper hand-drawn 2D sidescrolling IGF finalist now released!

Kotaku: 'Masahiro Kanagawa: Team Ninja Reacts to Kanagawa Rampage'
Japanese media attention on a game/violence connection.

anothercastle.com » I Attack the Darkness Lead Story » I Attack The Darkness: The God Complex, Part 1: J.C. and the Fun Time Band
'In a special three-part “Fun With Blasphemy” series, I will go one step further and compare different styles of Dungeon Mastering with the facets of the Christian Trinity.' More goth DM rantings plz!

Still Alive « Emily Short’s Interactive Fiction
Short takes on Portal, critique-wise.

Commercial Breaks - A documentary about the Imagine and Ocean Software
Wow, seminal UK game development from 1983/1984 - via Boyer.

David Hellman » Blog Archive » The Art of Braid, Part IV: Developer Mode
Yep, still linking these!

Game-ism: 'Peripheral Sequels'
Suggesting analog fret buttons for Rock Band 2 hardware would be a neat idea. Which it would!

GameSpot News: PressSpotting talks to Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw
Good to see Charlie Brooker namechecked in here - CASH PRIZE to anyone who can dig out the Brooker vs. Edge prank phone call.

Call of Jihadi Interview // PC /// Eurogamer
Games for political reasons, interpreting them, things getting banned, etc.

ScottishGames.biz: videoGaiden Game Awards 2008
The Consolevania folks have good taste, make interesting award categories.