- Be praised, the weekend is almost here, and with it a fresh batch of newly caught GameSetLinks, a wriggling and a jiggling on the Internet filament line, or summat.

Particularly fun here - the TIGSource 'Video Game Name Generator' entries are _all_ now available to play, former co-worker Frank is masterminding some potential silliness at GameTap, and Kudos creator Cliffski reveals the social meaning behind his virtual lottery tickets never paying out. And that's GameSetLinks, folks. Onward:

GameTap: 'Captain McGrandpa - Memory of the Forgotten'
Oo, 'mysterious' new April 1st debuting GameTap Original, eh?

The Independent Gaming Source: Video Game Name Generator game competition voting started
Wow, 48 entries? Tres impressive.

CNET Internal Memo: ‘Difficult Decisions’; Realignment; May Raise Capital For Foreign Ops | paidContent.org
Not sure if this affects GameSpot significantly.

Watch Castle Crashers levels made in real-time - Xbox 360 Fanboy
See Paladin draw!

MTV Multiplayer » Deciding The Fate of Dante and ‘Phoenix’ — How Capcom Predicts Game Sales
Interesting look at retail prediction methodology, pt.1.

The debate over videogame "addiction" | GameCritics.com
Academic journal discussions on the concept - intriguing stuff.

Cliffskis Mumblings...: WARNING - Do NOT attempt social commentary
Haha, the lottery ticket in indie life sim Kudos has zero chance of winning, to make a social point!

Christian Allen's Corner: Piracy Doesn't Matter? O....K....
'A certain PC title (not one I worked on) I looked at the online stats for sold around 300k in the first month after launch. Three days BEFORE the game launched…one MILLION people were playing online.'

GameVideos.com - Off-Road Velociraptor Safari '1UP Review'
A really enjoyable, slightly ranty avant-ish review of the weirdass game from the IGF co-organizers.