Now, I realize this could be construed as a bit of an ad for Game Developers Conference, but it's less that, and more a bit of a delighted yelp that the near-final version of the GDC 2008 scheduler went up on the site today, and it's definitely the most useful and usable version of the tool we've constructed thus far to sift through the gigantic heap of GDC lectures.

When you're dealing with such as massive conglomeration of lectures to pick from for the conf (which runs in San Francisco February 18th-22nd), it can be really tricky to build a schedule picker that has enough information on it but doesn't overwhelm - and allows flexible sorting and ordering.

Anyhow, there's still a few usability and functionality rough edges to be iterated on, but kudos to Ben Veechai and the Minnickweb folks who worked on this, since I believe that this year's Schedule Builder will pass 'the editor test' for the first time ever - Gamasutra editors are actually going to use it to schedule their time at the show. And those guys are tough to please, haw.

[Incidentally, now is as good a time as any to mention that the guest co-editor on GameSetWatch for the week of Game Developers Conference will be Andy Baio - best known for his super-intelligent tech blog weblog, creating the now Yahoo!-owned, and, heh, discovering Star Wars Kid. He'll be attending the show and we'll be cross-posting some of his Waxy posts on GDC, since he has a really interesting outsider's/Web 2.0 view on the game biz.]