Well, over on big sister site Gamasutra, there's been all kinds of neatness posted this week - I particularly enjoyed David Sirlin's critique of the rather enchanting Super Mario Galaxy posted today, but there's plenty of other stuff here for the intrigued.

Also linked - a report on why the French government treats games as cultural artifacts (yay!), a sponsored piece from Microsoft's XNA series that's actually rather useful, a history of the Apple II, a neat Matsuura interview, and a discussion on the Wii 'seal of quality'. If you haven't read/linked these, do so forthwith, my darlings:

- Understanding The Fun of Super Mario Galaxy
"In this in-depth critique, game designer David Sirlin (Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix) analyzes Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy, discussing what it did right - and what it could do better - in creating its 'polished, beautiful' game world."

- A History of Gaming Platforms: The Apple II
"Gamasutra's 'History of Gaming Platforms' series follows up analyses of the C64 and the Vectrex by examining the history of the seminal Apple II, from its Woz-fueled genesis to classic Sierra/Origin game titles."

- Analyze This: Should There Be A 'Wii Seal of Quality'?
"Gamasutra asks SimExchange, Wedbush Morgan, and Screen Digest analysts both about the prospects for Nintendo's Wii in 2008, and whether Nintendo should enforce more stringent quality standards for the current flood of third-party titles."

- Video Games: Officially Art, In Europe
"The French government and European Commission have agreed in principle to fund tax credits for video games, due to their cultural importance - and Gamasutra tagged along with the French cultural minister and Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot to find out why it matters."

- Sponsored Feature: An Introduction and Overview of XAudio2
"In this latest article posted at Gamasutra's special XNA section, Xbox/Windows sound guru Brian Schmidt discusses the new cross-platform audio library for Windows and Xbox 360, XAudio2, with much insight into the new audio API."

- Matsuura Got Rhythm: The State Of NanaOn-Sha's Founder
"Gamasutra profiles Masaya Matsuura, who pioneered music games with PaRappa the Rapper, but has also created iPod games, a hit Japanese Tamagotchi series, and now a re-teaming with PaRappa artist Rodney Alan Greenblat for a Wii music game."