Ah, yes, the end of the week - plenty of opportunity to peruse the GameSetLinks goodness in front of us - including the Metanet folks talking about various versions of N (pictured!) coming out for handhelds and XBLA soon - really looking forward to the downloadable version!

Also in here - a weblog all about co-operative games, a terrible gaming showreel, a 7-day Roguelike game construction contest, and all manner of other spectacularity. Yes, that's not a word. But if you don't report me to Strunk or White, we'll be fine. And so:

N+ vs N+ | metablog
Delineating the various versions of the game - with minor skepticism for the handheld versions?

Vintage Computing and Gaming: Buying Real Copies of Wii Virtual Console Games…Ouch!
Totally great idea.

A new blog specifically about co-operative gaming - neat idea.

The Independent Gaming Source: 'Off-Road Velociraptor Safari!'
Flashbang's raptor spanking game is out - sounds like minimum specs need fixin'.

Jump Button Magazine: 'Make a note'
Interviewing the girl behind _that_ Portal YouTube performance.

Waxy.org: Daily Log: Colin's Bear Animation
A disgruntled game design student talks about his 'thanks for nothing' terrible mini-showreel.

Temple of the Roguelike: The 7DRL Challenge 2008 draws near!
From March 8th-16th, all the Roguing you can create in one week.

MTV Multiplayer » Help Us Name The Greatest Horse In Video Game History
New games journalism!

MTV Multiplayer » The Greatest Video Game Horse Revealed, As Chosen By Our Stunningly High-Profile Panel
The exciting results!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Games for 2008: Braid
Some fun complaints about whether Braid will make it to PC or not.