Yes, Game Developers Conference is rapidly approaching, and there's a cavalcade of interesting press events and parties on the horizon, some of them rather entrancing (*cough* ValvepartywithJonathanCoultonplaying *cough*).

But here's one of the oddest and potentially coolest announcements I've seen thus far - excerpting from a news story I just wrote on Gamasutra about it:

"Stealth-mode technology firm Emotiv Systems has revealed, via a new invitation, its plans to unveil the Emotiv consumer headset, a "high fidelity neuro-system" controller for gaming, at an event during Game Developers Conference later this month.

The technology was previously showcased to some extent at GDC 2007, but a new invitation given to members of the press reveals that an "exclusive launch event" on February 19th at the Metreon in San Francisco will show the final version of the tech for the first time.

According to the literature, the headset is described as containing "a high fidelity neuro-system that redefines the realm of human-computer interaction", and a special presentation showing its applications in creating "a new horizon for interactive gameplay" is promised.

The company's website also adds that licensed developers will have access to the Emotiv SDK in March 2008, and it consists of The Expressiv suite, which can identify facial expressions in real-time, the Affectiv suite, which measures players' discreet emotional states, and the Cognitiv suite, which detects players' conscious thoughts.

Emotiv itself was founded in 2003 by four award-winning scientists and executives: internationally recognized neuroscientist Professor Allan Snyder, chip-design pioneer Neil Weste, and technology entrepreneurs Tan Le and Nam Do. Its board of directors includes noted former Microsoft game exec Ed Fries."

I know that some of my colleagues tried out an earlier version of this hardware at GDC 2007 and were pretty impressed by it, but I also know that the field of startups is strewn with companies that have tried and failed to implement these kinds of odd peripheral/alternative controller-like experiences. But I guess we'll find out more on the 19th!