This is the oddest, most wonderful thing. You might know Steve Meretzky from his pioneering work at Infocom, working on his own to create Planetfall and A Mind Forever Voyaging, and with Douglas Adams on the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy text adventures.

Since then, he's bounced around the industry in an endearing fashion, spreading impish creative wit wherever he goes, and most recently joined up with Blue Fang, where he's helping them be Zoo Tycoons in fine fashion.

But in this case, he's caught at the Boston Postmortem, a game development-related gathering, and his Google Video-stored 'rant', captured by Jason '' Scott, is simply called 'The Most Perfect Game'.

The full seven-minute mini-rant is embedded below - be prepared for randomness, truth and an uplifting game-specific punchline [link semi-via Grand Text Auto]: