- You really know when a video game's reached the mainstream when the urban legends start. And, browsing Snopes.com, we discover that stuffed toy/online world Webkinz is the latest to benefit from this particular dubious honor.

The best version of those playground rumors: "My kids came home from school yesterday telling me they heard of a computer virus issues associated with their webkins (or webkinz). webkinz are stuffed animals which you can buy and then somehow use the web to play games, etc. with friends who also have the animals. The virus comes on the screen as a penguin with red eyes and ruins your PC." Penguin with red eyes? Isn't that Mr. Flibble?

Anyhow, Webkinz has had to isue an official denunciation: "Many people have been writing in, asking about a rumor that is going around. The rumor is about something in Webkinz World hurting Webkinz pets. The most important thing to know is that this rumor is not true at all. Nothing in Webkinz World would ever hurt your Webkinz pets." Phew!