- Over at new sister blog IndieGames.com, Tim W. has been chatting to JayIsGames reviews co-ordinator John Bardinelli, quizzing the Flash game analygeek about his work helping the excellent Web game review destination, plus asking him about some of his favorite Flash games of 2007.

As it happens, JiG just put up its votable Best Games Of 2007 feature, which has a multitude of awesome Flash games linked, but Bardinelli was asked his personal favorites, too, and contributes some tips that I really appreciated from this flourishing micro-scene, which is starting to produce really competitive games:

"I really liked Sprout, Jeff Nusz's entry into our second competition. It was so imaginative, and the art direction was beautiful. Other than that, I got a kick out of Micro Art, The Sea of Glomp, and Makibishi Comic. That's just off the top of my head."

Also, having been asked "The first thing that pops in my mind: Grow. It's simple, it's creative, and it's got just the right amount of challenge... Other games I might recommend to a Flash gaming newbie would be room escape titles, especially games from the Gotmail team (Il Destino, One-Off, One-Off R, Strawberry Tomato) and Mateusz Skutnik's Submachine series."

[Incidentally, I've heard a couple of reader comments recently about excessive story cross-posting, esp. onto GameSetWatch, from the other CMP Game sites. This was particularly because of the daily 'Top X' charts we were running during the holiday season and x-posting like wildfire. So we will still mention and cross-link some stories, but it won't be every day, like it was leading up to Christmas. Deal?]