- Excellent indie site GameTunnel has just finished up its 2007 (Indie) Games Of The Year countdown, and there's now a full list of charts posted on its site - with admirable continuity, since there are game of the year charts back to 2002.

The two charts posted since we last mentioned this are the Special Awards, and in the Player's Choice category: "Wonderland Adventures has mobilized their way to a great victory for this very addictive adventure/puzzle game. For anyone who loves logic puzzles, like those found in the dungeons of Zelda, Wonderland is your game." Haven't seen this game discussed too much, but it's well worth perusing.

In addition, the overall Top 10 Indie Games Of The Year chart is a really excellent countdown - infused with Game Tunnel's sensibilities as much as TIGSource and Indygamer/IndieGames.com also have their own particular slants on the indie scene - but as near to canonical as I've seen so far in terms of smart independent titles. Nice to see a familiar face in the top spot, too (not giving it away here)!