You thought we'd finished the game company Christmas card posting, right? Well, almost - and we've now compiled them all into one special blog category so you can check out 2007 and 2006's developer/publisher greeting cards together here on GSW.

But there's some final goodness to cap things off, since Japanese developers are wont (along with the rest of their country) to send out cheery New Year's postcards, and we managed to receive a smattering of them here. In addition, there were a couple of delayed Western Xmas cards that didn't come until close to or after the holidays that we thought we'd showcase - cos they were cute.

Again - these cards are compiled from everyone in the CMP Game Group offices - special thanks to GDC exec director Jamil Moledina, event co-ordinator Stephanie Tang, Game Developer senior editor Brandon Sheffield, and Gamasutra features editor Christian Nutt for letting me take their cards home to scan.

Here goes:

You probably know CyberConnect2 from their work creating the .Hack series of PlayStation 2 single-player RPGs that played on the whole 'online world' thing in a neat way. Their New Year's card has some absolutely delightful Engrish on it - "The abyss also peeps into here when it peeps into the abyss", indeed.

The folks at NanaOn-Sha, headed by Masaya Matsuura, have been making awesome rhythm games since the original PaRappa The Rapper in 1996. Ahead of a reuniting with Rodney Greenblat to make a new Wii rhythm game in 2008 (great idea, Majesco!), here's their trippy New Year's card.

Tokyo-based game services company 8-4, headed by John Ricciardi and Hiroko Minamoto, are one of the 'secret' bridges between Western and Eastern gaming, doing localization, consulting, and liaison on a whole bunch of neat projects - I interviewed them last year about their views of the market. Here's their card, designed by Rez/Space Channel 5 concept designer Jake Kazdal - more on him soon!

We've talked about Kyoto-based Q-Games a bit recently - founded by Starfox veteran Dylan Cuthbert, they do the PixelJunk series, and a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff for the hardware guys, including the recently discussed Gaia screensaver for the PS3. Anyhow, here's their extremely cute New Year's card.

Getting on to the Western firms now, this actually came as a postcard inside a Christmas card from Torpex, developers of the upcoming Schizoid for XBLA - but it looks a bit like a Japanese New Year's card, so it's a neat bridge into the leftover Xmas cards, innit? (Both Torpex and PixelJunk folks are talking at the Indie Game Summit at GDC this year, btw.)

Couldn't leave this one out - Insomniac's card has a totally adorable illustration of a snowglobe with a leering fish grabbing hold of little toy versions of Ratchet & Clank. There may be some other R&C mythology I'm missing out on here, but whatever, it's a pretty smart card.

Finally, those Guitar Hero IP-owning reprobates at Red Octane sent over a card with a pretty stylish guitar, snowflake, Red Octane logo mash-up buried in it - a bit like last year's Sony card in some ways, only a bit more rock and roll. Huzzah.