- You might perhaps want to know some of the rather neat game-related features we've launched this week on Gamasutra.com and associated CMP Game Group sites - including one of my favorite named features of all time, from Lost Garden's Daniel Cook.

Also notable - an interview with Disney's game boss on how they span the hardcore to the High School, as well as a good piece on compulsion in gaming and the latest in John H's quirky but readable 'Top 20' series. Here's the rundown:

- The Watery Pachinko Machine of Doom: Project Horseshoe's Thoughts On Story
"In a video game, veteran designer Daniel Cook suggests, each player is just like a pachinko ball, "moving on their unique path" through gameplay - and he presents the results of a fascinating recent 'think tank' on game story's evolution and future."

- Compulsion Engineers
"Game designer Tynan Sylvester takes a close look at how games, alongside most forms of entertainment, "meticulously trigger human instincts" to create emotions and desires, suggesting ways these compulsions can be used positively."

- Evolving Disney: Graham Hopper Speaks
"Last year, Buena Vista Interactive became Disney Interactive, and the company now spans High School Musical games to Turok - Gamasutra talks to GM Graham Hopper on the intriguing evolution and future of Disney's gaming efforts."

- Game Design Essentials: 20 Mysterious Games
"Following three previous charts, Gamasutra's 'Game Design Essentials' series looks at the design lessons from titles in which 'the player must solve mysteries' - from finding secrets to wrestling with algorithmically generated content."

- Catching Up Casually: A Chat With Alexey Pajitnov
"In this in-depth interview, Gamasutra sits down with legendary Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov to discuss the state of the casual game market, a form he helped to birth - as well as his current game projects and the storied history of Tetris."

- Plus, some bonus Q&As and other good stuff from this week on various sites: Q&A: Crytek's Seeley On CryEngine 2's Asian Invasion (Gamasutra.com), Interview: Link-Dead Developers Michal M. and Sigvatr (IndieGames.com), Q&A: 3DV's Barel On The Future Of Camera-Based Game Control (Gamasutra.com), Ask the Experts: Books and Blogs for Game Design (GameCareerGuide.com), Q&A: Sanzaru's Egan On Fun With Ninja Reflex, Wii Development (Gamasutra.com), Types Of Game Designers (GameCareerGuide.com).