- Well, I fear it's that time of the week again where we peruse some of the notable features posted at Gamasutra.com and associated CMP Game Group sites - this time featuring a veritable cornucopia of Q&As, theory and design articles, and other fun stuff. [UPDATE: Added neat David Jaffe interview posted today!]

I particularly enjoyed Tyler Sigman's board game balancing-article discussing probabilities, even if it was centered on the non-digital - there's plenty of ramifications here for video games, after all. Oh, and the Nintendo localization interview is pretty interesting too - here's the rundown:

- The Future Of The Real-Time Strategy Game
"In this thought-provoking piece, Toronto examines the history of RTS titles such as Starcraft, discussing a possible future where building political elements into the genre makes it more realistic and compelling."

- Interview: Nintendo, Advance Wars, & The Art Of Localization
"It's a balancing act to shift cultural touchstones from Japan to the West, and Nintendo is renowned as one of the best game localizers around - thus, Gamasutra quizzed NOA's Tim O'Leary on his work on (the pictured) Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin and the art of localizing games."

- IEZA: A Framework For Game Audio
"In this technical Gamasutra feature, two academics compare film audio to game audio to reach a definitional framework for game audio, which they claim will help game audio practitioners make richer sound designs."

- Q&A: Alone In The Dark - Up Against The Possibilities
"Alone in the Dark is a key title for publisher Atari, and the firm's Todd Slepian and Alissa Bell met with Gamasutra to discuss the multi-platform title launching in early 2008 - how has the originator evolved the survival horror paradigm?"

- 2008 GDC Reveals Killer 7, Folklore, Final Fantasy Sessions
"As part of his latest Director's Cut post, GDC 2008 executive director Jamil Moledina has revealed Japanese luminaries joining the GDC lineup, including Killer7 composer Masafumi Takada, FeelPlus (Lost Odyssey) president Ray Nakazato, and Game Republic (Genji, Folklore) boss Yoshiki Okamoto."

- Plundering the Seas of Probability
"Age Of Empires DS designer Tyler Sigman returns to Gamasutra with an entertaining article in his 'probability for game designers' series, discussing how dice-based board game probability teaches us key lessons about design."

- Game Design Expo: Daglow Maps The Console Wars
"At the recent Vancouver-based Game Design Expo event, Stormfront Studios' Don Daglow (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) reflected on the way the games industry cycles through each console generation in stages, and Gamasutra was there to document his intriguing talk."

- Exploring The Rhetoric Of War: A Turning Point Interview
"Gamasutra sat down with Spark Unlimited CEO Craig Allen to discuss the concepts behind the upcoming Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty, an alternate history WWII title which asks some surprisingly potent social questions about government and conflict."

- Navigating A Crossroads: David Jaffe Talks
"Eat Sleep Play's David Jaffe is renowned for his work on the God Of War and the Twisted Metal series, and Gamasutra catches up with him for an in-depth interview on the state of the industry, casual games, and the console war."