- Ah, yes, the fragrant melodies of GameSetLinks - wandering back into your general point of view, tweaking your nose, and just daring you to ignore us, you little scamps.

This time, we navigate fields as diverse and treacherous as casual murder club novel games, various wacky journos covering the Independent Games Festival (yay!), and, of course, some obligatory No More Heroes cosplay (pictured to the side).

Incidentally, I have to apologize that I'm not writing more original material on GameSetWatch. Since it's the run-up to the almighty GDC, I'm doing a lot of wrangling for that, as well as for Gamasutra/Game Developer, as publisher wallah.

And actually, I'm now biz managing the almighty Dr. Dobb's Journal/DDJ.com, which is 32 years into serving programmers their regular info oats. And there's something coming up in the March timeframe on Dobbs that you game folks _WILL_ like. More info on that soon. Onward, Christian soldiers:

Hollywood Reporter: Patterson pursues video game murders most casual
Jane Jensen working on the Women's Murder Club games. Neato!

Kotaku - Day Note: Roll With The Day Note
Interestingly, Kotaku were denied press passes for DICE. What's up with that?

Independent Games Festival Roundup Article // PC /// Eurogamer
A good trawl through the finalists by Mr. Gillen - appreciated.

Cosplay.com - No More Heroes cosplay
Yep, already - Sylvia Kristel ftw.

Gamepage :: The Great Tree - Review by Game Tunnel
Reflexive's distinctly unconventional casual title is worth a close look.

Jeremy Parish's 1UP Blog: Finally: 1 in '07
Seriously, Crackdown is one of the most under-rated games released in the last year or two.

MTV Multiplayer ยป Top 10 Under-the-Radar Games in 2008
I like this list.

psysal: Causal Chains and Snowfall
Raph Koster's 'Theory Of Design' methodology applied to soccer - via the Kostmeister!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: 'The Wonderful End of the World'
Terribly, terribly Katamari - but the oldskool game tribute level is getting a lot of kudos, worth checking.

'Super Mario' Crossed With 'Guitar Hero,' In GameFile | Game News Story | Multiplayer Gaming | MTV News
Stephen Totilo talks about his experiences playing the IGF finalists - fun!