- This motley collection of GameSetLinks is left over from the holiday RSS savaging, but there are actually a few things of interest in here - particularly the cut-scenes from The Simpsons Game, including Will Wright's (pictured) cameo.

A couple of friends have intimated to me that they're willing to play through the allegedly drab gameplay-featuring title just to check out the humor. And indeed, with the actual cartoon writers intimately involved, it really looks like they've nailed the game pastiches over multiple levels. Worth a second look, perhaps?

(Interestingly, as we found out on Gamasutra today, Dave 'Earthworm Jim' Perry consulted on the title with the Simpsons writers to ensure appropriate gamegeekiness.)

In any case, here be a veritable cornucopia of GameSetLinks:

Teaching Game Design: What Teachers Need to Know about Game Design (Part 2 of 2)
Really enjoying this blog - great hints for game teaching.

Blogoscoped.com: 'Blown Up'
Classic pixel art smoothed with vectorizing tools, with neat results - via xamount.

Flash Game Design Competition #5!: Jay is Games
The theme is 'UPGRADE' this time, interestingly enough - plenty of prizes, too.

The Gaming Top Tens of 2007 | Pure Drivel
Reviewing the various Top Ten-s - OK, partly linked because he likes Gamasutra's and hates Edge's, heehee.

Burning Festival: Aquaria Playthrough Diary, Part 1
How the IGF Grand Prize winner actually plays - found this v.interesting, though it has spoilers, of course.

Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars: December thirtieth things.
'The two-dimensional Grand Theft Auto titles (with Mission Packs included) will grace console(s) next year in a downloadable form.'

GameAxis.com: 'Late Friday Soapboxer: Winning the Battle for Local Game Development '
Talking about Singapore's Battleships Forever making it to the IGF finals - neat.

YouTube: The Simpsons Game Playthrough/Cut-Scene Videos
Useful if you want to see the game pastiches + Will Wright cameo without slogging all the way through the thing.

Bullet Points @ timlongo.com » Blog Archive » [A Digital Tear]
Hadn't seen the cute custom-video version of the Portal end credits song. It really is a bit of an epochal moment in games.