- Some more GameSetLinks, then, and some of the notable new links include an excellent interview with Jamie Fristrom (co-creator of XNA-developed title Schizoid), as well as a Wall Street Journal piece on art-game The Passage.

The WSJ piece seems notable to me because it shows the value of games such as this in broadening the cultural acceptability of games - and I know that's not necessarily why The Passage was made, but it really helps people believe in games' redeeming factors as a medium. Which is nice. Onward:

insertcredit.com: Saturn Game Basic
'Madroms, who unveiled the Dezaemon 2 Saturn save system a while back also has a lot of info on Saturn Game Basic.'

Fullbright: Phrases
About game names: 'Lately I've been digging phrase titles. They're usually a few words or even a full sentence, somewhat abstract, and don't directly name a major component of the game.'

The Independent Gaming Source interviews Jamie Fristrom
Excellent chat with the Schizoid (pictured) co-creator, veteran developer.

game mod
Non-programmers modding Breakout, with video - via Waxy.

Time Waster - WSJ.com
The Wall Street Journal covers indie title 'The Passage'.

Shout! Factory Store - Sam & Max Freelance Police on DVD
The animated series on DVD from the awesome Shout Factory, who just got the rights to Mystery Science Theater.

Jonathan Coulton » Blog Archive » Haters: You are SO Boring
One of my 'Top 12 Portal Covers' picks makes the composer himself tell the trolls to calm down. With some effect, one would hope.

collision detection: The subtle pleasures of wasting time
Discussing '...how badly our culture understands the meaning of play and games.'

Cartoon Brew: Leading the Animation Conversation » Patapon
'The game’s graphics are based on the work of French artist and toy designer Rolito,' Didn't know that.

ASCII by Jason Scott: On the Outset of Editing 'Get Lamp'
The technical/procedural side of making the upcoming text adventure documentary.