- Ah, yes, the latest GameSetLinks - those fine fragments of the Internet which transmit gaming goodness from the writers, through me, to you. And there's various neatness here.

In particular, I like GameTap Read's (pictured) look at Sunnyvale Golfland, which is promised to be the first in a series looking at the state of the U.S. arcade. Arcades are important because they're physical locations which practically radiate the history of games, and it's good to see game writers documenting them - before it's too late, perhaps.

No Country for Old Arcades: Sunnyvale Golfland - GameTap
Great idea - GameTap's Jared Rea is going around the country visiting arcades to discover the last great ones, and what's happening to them.

the-inbetween.com [ Comparing Matchmaking on XBox Live]
Why Call Of Duty 4 has an edge over Halo 3.

Bit Blot: 'Photoblogging: Aquaria at ACMI and Macworld'
Cool - first pics I ever saw of the IGF exhibit at ACMI, actually!

Confessions of an Aca/Fan: Games and Social Responsibility -- Perspectives from Shanghai
Good notes from Henry Jenkins in China.

Narrative in Casual Gaming: Miss Management « Emily Short’s Interactive Fiction
All of these Short vs. casual gaming posts are fascinating.

What kind of game is Lila Dreams? — Lila Dreams Blog
On Creatrix's massively multiplayer Flash game being made for Kongregate.

Orbus Gameworks: 'Setting A Standard'
'NCSoft has been providing Dungeon Runners game data (character stats) as an XML feed that can be accessed by third party website and applications.'

Sexy Videogameland: Incensed By Incentives
A little more perspective on the GSW-sparked blog payment question from Leigh.

such things that never was: King's Quest
Whoa, it's like a Maximo-ization of the classic Sierra series, odd.

Tale of Tales» Blog Archive » Hardcore reviews of softcore games
Somewhat what I've been discussing recently, I guess.

Wonderland: Buzz! The Schools Quiz
Neat, it's '...a version of the Buzz for 7-11 year olds to be used in primary schools.'