- Aha, the links have been piling up again, so it's time to unleash them in a focused burst. Among the interesting things this time - 'Surfer Girl' seems to know the name of the Rodney Greenblat/Masaya Matsuura comeback rhythm game for Majesco, if she is to be believed, and GamesRadar makes a fun stab at explaining what game names really mean.

Also worth noting - sister site IndieGames.com is rattling through the freeware picks, with the cutely named EverEternal WinterWorld getting plenty of discussion, and there's a variety of other crazed links to be poking at. Like these:

Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars: January eight things
Claims that 'Major Minor's Majestic March' is the name for Greenblat & Matsuura's new Wii music game for Majesco. Believable.

Dan Hsu's 1UP Blog: Banned
The actual EGM editorial, fortunately.

Games Radar - 'From Katamari to Mass Effect, we reveal games' secret meanings'
Nice idea - what do game names really mean?

MIT Technology Review: Virtual Labor Lost
The hidden story here - why did Arden have to ditch using Multiverse as an online world engine?

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Freeware Game Pick: EverEternal WinterWorld (SilverNova)
The most-commented IndieGames post so far, for an interesting (pictured) 2D platformer with Cave Story undertones.

MTV Multiplayer » Introducing The MTV Rhythm Game Track Finder — The Definitive Search Engine For ‘Rock Band,’ ‘Guitar Hero,’ And Dozens More
Cute idea - Totilo, joo are smart. If it was your idea :P

Fort90 Journal » Still The Best Mine Cart Riding/Sandwich Making/Dating Sim Ever Made: Love Love Mine, Part 1
As a commenter says: 'just another entry in the romance-in-a-minecart/truck/hand-trolley genre.' Yes, there are others (Magical Truck Adventure!)

Networked_Performance — Ars Virtua "World of Warcraft Residence"
Oh boy, arts grants go Azeroth.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: How Gamers Will Save The World
PC-Gamer reprinted Rossignol goodness about... saving the world!