- Aha, finishing up the neatness that is GameSetLinks, we wandered across to io9 (a new Gawker blog of some neatness!) to check out some rants on the Hero's Journey.

Then we dart back to to see Gamecock vs. John Romero, a largely unnecessary bitchfest, as well as game-related videos, German Sega Saturn brochures, and the massive amount of other weird ephemera and relevant linkage you've continued to expect from GSW. Hurray:

io9 - Rant: Eight Reasons Why The Hero's Journey Sucks
Gawker's new sci-fi blog weighs in on something oft cited by game writers.

The Future of Ideas is now Free (Lessig Blog)
Lawrence Lessig's book has important implications even for game markets.

Fatworld fall down, go boom « Save the Robot - Chris Dahlen
'Fatworld makes so many mistakes that if it had come from anybody other than Bogost, we’d throw it in the budget bin next to Coffee Tycoon and Prison Tycoon 2.'

Drama: Gamecock Head Tears Into John Romero, It's Getting Ugly
It's the Trump vs. Rosie of the game biz, oh dear.

It’s Not All Chocolate « Emily Short’s Interactive Fiction
This is fascinating stuff, you just don't see game design critiques of casual games (correct or not!) very often.

Top 5 Game-Inspired Music Videos | Gamelab
Pixels plus music equals fun.

Metacriticism « Pixel-love
Some of the same vein of discussion that the Croal-Carless showdown emerged out of, the other week.

The Saturn Junkyard: Sega Saturn Consumer Brochure Winter 1995
'And uhm... did I already mention that the whole brochure is in German?' The Internet is for niches!

Polybius » Blog Archive » THE OFFICIAL FFX-2 DRINKING GAME
'Whenever Brother’s antics become completely insufferable: TAKE A SHOT.'

YouTube - Bill Gates' Last Days - CES 2008 (HQ/Sound Fixed)
I'm SURE you've seen this, but this one's cleaned up - for game geeks, note the Guitar Hero and Robbie Bach appearances.