- Ah, you know, this bunch of GameSetLinks is particularly special to me because, well, they're the latest. Does this mean that I will love my youngest child the best? We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, I guess.

In the meantime, here's some vignettes on Eternal Sonata (pictured), what the Swiss think of independent games, various Rock Paper Shotgun-related randomness, and even the obligatory unnecessary masturbation/gaming comparison. See, we have it all, and here it all is:

COPE: James Wallis levels with you » The Song Remains The Same
On Eternal Sonata, expectations and reality: 'Suddenly Polka collides with something that looks like the mutant offspring of a leek and a pumpkin, and can’t proceed until she’s battered it to death with her umbrella, to the swelling sounds of a musical score that is almost completely unlike Chopin.'

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: RPS Exclusive: Soren Johnson on Everything PC
Slight PCG offcuts, but fun stuff nonetheless!

How Halo 3 Changed Game Development - GameCareerGuide.com
'Based on Halo's runaway success, the paradigm for a successful video game studio -- and its relationship to its publisher -- may never be the same again.'

tagesanzeiger.ch | Digital | Games | Computer-Games von den Nachwuchstalenten
Swiss newspaper does indie games/IGF article, yay.

Fun and games « schlaghund’s playground
'Game studios are just porn peddlers. And you? You’re just jacking off.'

VH1 Game Break: The Buzz About Crispy Gamer
New game review/content site headed by ex-GameSpy-er (and nice guy!) John Keefer - launching later this month.

Amazon.co.uk: This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities: Books: Jim Rossignol
Jim says, via IM: 'it's about my life as a Quake ninja... it's a kind of [my] greatest hits, via my travels to Reykjavik, Seoul and exotic London'. Nice cover - via Boyer.

VIDEOLUDICA: 'Game Art: Gamerz 02'
New art-game exhibit, including Samorost 2 - January 15-27, Sextius, Aix-En-Provence, France.

Fort90 Journal » Still The Best Mine Cart Riding/Sandwich Making/Dating Sim Ever Made: Love Love 2, aka Love Love Truck, aka Love Love Mine… Part 2
More screens, impressions from the ever-obsess-y Hawkins.