-[As previously mentioned, we now have all four GameSetApparel T-shirts available for individual order. We're going to highlight one tee per week here on GSW - though you can buy any/all of them now! Being highlighted this week - with a special bonus plea to game developers at the end of this article - is 'Glorkian Warrior' by James Kochalka (American Elf).]

GameSetApparel is the new, limited edition T-shirt store created by the editors of GameSetWatch, the alt.video game weblog run by the staff of the Webby award-winning Gamasutra.com and the Maggie award-winning Game Developer magazine.

The first series of four T-shirts are named 'Games That Never Were', with shirt numbers GSA101 through GSA104, and are limited to just 111 copies each - with the first shirt and pre-orders becoming available in December 2007, and all four T-shirts now available for individual purchase as of January 2008.

The high quality custom printed T-shirts feature noted artists interpreting the idea of imaginary, legendary, or fictional games in neat ways, and are created by Gamasutra collaborator Erin Mehlos (Hell's Corners), Dan Paladin (Alien Hominid), James Kochalka (American Elf), and Schadenfreude Interactive (Accordion Hero).

<GSA103 - 'Glorkian Warrior' - Also Available!

-Now available in GameSetApparel's limited-edition 'Games That Never Were' series, which is strictly limited to 111 copies of each tee, is 'Glorkian Warrior' by James Kochalka (American Elf).

For his design (GSA103) in the 'Games That Never Were' series, we are very kindly joined by writer, comic book artist and rock musician James Kochalka, who has been a GameSetWatch reader for a while now, and contributed the characters from his 'Glorkian Warrior' game concept, which has been designed but is yet to materialize in video game form - hence 'Games That Never Were' - but perhaps yet may be!

Kochalka is best known for his 'American Elf' diary comic, which appears daily on his website, but has also created comics like 'Superf*ckers', 'Monkey Vs. Robot', and albums ('Spread Your Evil Wings And Fly') on labels like Rykodisc - not to mention the insanely catchy 'Hockey Monkey' with The Zambonis, used as the theme tune for the Fox sitcom 'The Loop'.

- Quite the Renaissance man, then, and his blog recently commented on the Glorkian Warrior project:

"My videogame idea, Glorkian Warrior (aka Planet Vs. Planet) and will probably end up as a graphic novel as well. I’ve already drawn a three page comic using a kind of Glork invader and the purple guy from Glorkian Warrior, which will appear in the PopGun #2 anthology next summer."

The high-quality purple Kochalka-designed shirt (available in XL, L, or M, with only 111 in total over all three sizes) is the result, and interested parties can now order the GSA103 'Glorkian Warrior' T-shirt design in multiple sizes from the GameSetApparel store.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: Game creators out there - especially indie/casual developers - Mr. Kochalka really wants to make a Glorkian Warrior video game. Surely there's some enterprising coder/developer out there who wants to help him with it? Contact him via his website or ping us and we'll pass on your contact details to him.]