- Over at our newly launched sister blog IndieGames.com: The Weblog, Tim W. has been exploring the world of independent gaming in a far more efficient form than we do, and the discussion on Cactus' new freeware title Psychosomnium is well worth checking.

Of course, you might know Cactus from IGF finalist shooter Clean Asia!, but this new title, part of an insanely prodigous output, is "...freeware [2D] platformer... in which players find themselves in a sparse dream world filled with a cast of quirky characters."

The game is very short, but abstract and intriguing - as you can see by the YouTube walkthrough video, which is of course spoiler-filled, as you would expect.

Other recent Cactus co-productions or productions include MSOIDS, with alilm, and Mondo Agency, an "eerie cyber FPS with horror and puzzle elements". As one of the commenters notes: "Well, cactus - if your games aren't art then I don't know what is." Heartily agreed.