- Well, it's been a fairly pleasant holiday season, at least here at GameSetWatch HQ - and there's been a completely ridiculous plethora of games that all of you dear readers could at least theoretically have played.

But buying a game and playing it don't necessarily go together. So what did you guys actually have time to play - or decided to play - over Xmas? Here's what I ended up checking out:

- Rock Band - finally got round to completing this in Medium difficulty on Solo Tour with the guitar. Also grabbed downloadable tracks including 'Buddy Holly', 'My Iron Lung', and both the 99c All-American Rejects songs, which are pretty darn catchy, actually. Also had a mini-revelation - I like playing easier difficulty levels and having a relaxing pseudo-musical jaunt, rather than stretching my hand-eye co-ordination excessively on Expert.

- Scene It? Lights Camera Action - Sure, it's rather dependent on you knowing stuff about movies, but having played this with some friends, it's actually a lot of fun. It's especially cool that it includes movie clips that'll make you want to watch the original films - from spaghetti Westerns to Ghostbusters. Sorta film-educative in the same way Rock Band is music-educative, vaguely?

- Lots of Xbox Live Arcade games - reconsidering Mutant Storm Empire, which still isn't as good as Reloaded, but is better than most give it credit for. And I now bought the Konami classic Gamer Picture set just to get the Track & Field long jumping picture, and reinforce my reputation as the slightly lunatic 'Track & Field liker'. I'd like it more if I could beat Mathew Kumar's high score, tho. :P

- Miscellaneous - belatedly completed Portal, grabbed a Classic Controller to play Geometry Wars Galaxies for Wii properly, am about to get into Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground for PSP [UPDATE: Tried it - definitely one of the best unconventional games of the year!], rented and was slightly mystified by MySims for the Wii, played enough of Uncharted for PS3 to work out that it's really rather good.

How about you guys? Has it been Ratchet & Clank all the way, or Mass Effect for the win? Or alternatively, are you just playing Super Mario Bros again? Admit or die.