- Still trawling through links here, and here's another set - featuring some best-ofs from excellent web game site Kongregate alongside an ode to the relatively obscure but excellent looking Game Boy title Mole Mania.

And blimey, looking at the Wikipedia page for Mole Mania, one of the bosses for the game is 'Kangaroon - A giant Kangaroo who throws apples at Muddy from his pouch.' Sounds suspiciously like a cheese dream to me. But no, it's real - and so are these links:

Come One Come All Kongregate: COCAK Loves Top Ten Lists
Lots of best web game lists from Kongregate fans - handy.

Frictional Games - Interview - Adventure Classic Gaming
'Penumbra: Overture started out as a tech demo which was originally developed for a game development competition in Sweden.'

Mad Doc cooks up fantasy games, government projects - Andover Townsman, Andover, MA
'Davis said he believes Mad Doc is "on the cusp" of becoming a household name in the gaming industry, and should make the breakthrough within the next two or three years.'

Does the end justify the means? at Lepus Lepidus
Dan Amrich discussing an OXM post that got mega Digg-age: 'But here’s what bothers me: I sunk to a lower level here, going for the sensationalism angle, something I’ve always wanted to do to see what would happen.' Ah, not SO much.

Grey Goo Games » When Good Developers Go Indie
Featuring the very disturbing I Am Jesus, plus Last Of The Patriots.

British Gaming Blog » Gashapon Theatre - Phantom Hourglass
'Link, Tetra, Linebeck, The Gorons and those god-damn Phantom Guard Things all have their own stands and little items to hold, and they’re painted to perfection.'

LeChimp vs. Dr. Chaos | Power of Two Games
'At Power of Two Games it's just two of us. So no QA or even interns to play the game endlessly. But, even in preproduction, we can't afford to ignore those types of bugs. Instead, we enlisted the help of our hero: LeChimp... our functional test server'

selectbutton :: View topic - My lovenote to Mole Mania
Super obscure (pictured) GB game: 'It was produced by Shigeru Miyamoto (that should get your attention). I feel that his influence is very evident when you play it. It is basically Legend of Zelda with all the bullsh*t boiled out and harder puzzles.'

Zen of Design»Blog Archive » MMO Publishers and the Portfolio Mentality
'You know what myth needs to die? The idea that big companies don’t want to take chances in the MMO space, that they don’t want to do anything other than sword-and-sorcery fare.'