- This holiday period has certainly given me the opportunity to get fully up to date on GameSetLinks, and there's actually a couple more sets of archives to spool out after this one, which was collected and chemically preserved late last week.

In any case, this set includes Klei Entertainment (of Eets fame) discussing how to pitch games, as well as the great recent Wired article on the Nine Inch Nails ARG and the very odd Fenix Cube, which looks suspiciously like the kind of object we're meant to be playing games with in the 23rd Century, according to beardy futurologists:

Klei Entertainment Inc. » Start with the Constraints
On pitching to publishers: 'I’ve now personally done more than a dozen pitches, and I have to say that I’m probably masochistic because I actually like the process.'

BBC NEWS | Technology | Touch cube points to future toys
The Fentix Cube reacts spatially, has lights, Internet going bananas - interesting game ramifications.

Wired.com: Secret Websites, Coded Messages: The New World of Immersive Games
Trent Reznor + 42 Entertainment = paranoid ARG goodness.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun » As Narbacular Drop Is to Portal
'Perhaps there’s a room for a blog post looking at indie games that could potentially be the germ of a commercial idea'. Yes!

The Independent Gaming Source: NPR on Indie Games
'There’s a pretty cool episode of NPR’s All Things Considered online now featuring games journalist and author Heather Chaplin discussing some of the notable (and independent!) games of the last year—namely Portal and Everyday Shooter.'

EVE Insider | econ dev blog no. 3 - some statistics on corporations
More economics on the stupidly, amusingly real - via Terra Nova.

such things that never was: Miscelleany
The Boom TV unreleased PS2 screens (pictured) are particularly interesting.

Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars: December twenty-sixth things.
'There is a "Christian and historically accurate response to Spore" in the works.' Awesome rumor of the day. 'Historically accurate' meaning intelligent design?

gameplaywright.net // 'LOTRO: Why We’re Here'
'I was expecting most answers to somehow involve the global MMORPG superpower, World of Warcraft. Some answers did. But three of the answers I got the most often surprised me.'