- Still harvesting the fruits of a couple of hundred RSS feeds, and there's some pretty smart stuff hanging out there - from Patton Oswalt regretting his Spike Game Awards performance through Japanmanship on region locking.

Also hanging out there - Game Tunnel on casual games, and a new intriguing PC indie title from another former Game Developer programming columnist - Sean Barrett - another of these folks who have a brain the size of a planet (or at least a major asteroid!):

Japanmanship: The global gamer’s lot
On region locking and games.

Looky Touchy: Patton Oswalt on the Spike Game Awards: "Godawful"
'The worst thing about this show was the fact that I'm the cheap, money-grubbing asshole who agreed to do it.'

Completing Nostalgia | The New Gamer
'However, there's one aging console that features a plethora of titles that I love but never completed: the Dreamcast, the console that dragged me back into gaming!'

Grand Text Auto » Opening the Static Eye
A new static-based indie game from Sean Barrett.

2007 Casual Game of the Year by Game Tunnel
IGF finalist Snapshot Adventures is top, too.

GameDevBlog: Manager In A Strange Land: How Much Planning?
'From my anecdotal evidence, a month of planning without coding is the wrong amount. Did we need more or less?'

The Gaming Club: There is little reason to be pessimistic or cynical about the future of gaming. - By N'Gai Croal , Seth Schiesel, Chris Suellentrop, and Stephen Totilo - Slate Magazine
Intelligence, here.

Forgotten Lore » Blog Archive » Strategy Map
'If you want to design strategy games one tool in your box should be a solid grounding in military history.'

Rifftrax's Mike Nelson: 'My Prediction…? PAIN'
'The story is this: there’s a guy. You with me so far? And you shoot him out of a catapult, all right?' (Via PressTheButtons)

Confessions of an Aca/Fan: The Official Weblog of Henry Jenkins: The Future of Sandbox Games
'Are we going to get bigger worlds with shallower dynamics or smaller worlds with deeper dynamics?'