- Aha, some harvesting of links later, a fresh set of random web URLs appear - headed, of course, by Umbrella Corp's appearance on Forbes' fictional company index, which is in itself a bit of an inspired idea.

Whatever next? Fictional wealth indexes for made-up characters? Is Scrooge McDuck a more efficient industrialist than Lex Luthor? This is certainly the kind of material that Forbes should be covering on a monthly basis. [UPDATE: Oh, wait, commenter 'thesimplicity' points out that Forbes has done The Fictional 15 already, *sigh*.] Anyhow, here goes:

Vintage Computing and Gaming | Archive » VC&G Interview: Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari
An excellent Benj Edwards interview.

Capcom US - The Blog » Blog Archive » Umbrella Corp. made the Forbes list for 2007
Forbes list of _fictional_ companies? Awesome.

Serious Games Become Tangible Using Mobile Technology - Business & Games: The Blog
'What happens when the space you're exploring to unlock a narrative is the real world?'

Roger Jackson - The Voice of Grimm at American McGee’s Blog
Grimm _is_ Mojojojo - nice!

Akihabara Channel » Trading Cards 2.0
Lots of intriguing Japanese video game-related ephemera, again.

8bitrocket.com: 'The 1981 Atari VCS Christmas Surprise'
'In the fall of 1981, just after starting junior high school, my brother Jeff and I tried to convince our parents that we “needed” an Atari VCS for Christmas.'

Secondhand PC game section @ music store in San Luis Obispo, December 2007 on Flickr
Down there the other weekend, I snapped a pic of this craziness - you never see secondhand PC game sections nowadays, and definitely not lovingly maintained ones with 11th Hour strategy guides.

Games 2.0: Bringing games to non gamers « Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog
A VC post that uses some interesting quotes (Daniel Cook, Rich Carlson) to make a point.

Second Skin - a Pure West Documentary
MMOs and online worlds - a documentary.

Strange Journeys » The Player Pie
Tyler Sigman's blog adds a neat illustration for an earlier Gamasutra article he did.