So, we at GSW Towers just got hold of the January 2008 issue of Ziff Davis' Games For Windows: The Official Magazine, only to find that the Independent Games Festival - which we help run - has made it into the 'Random Access' list of '10 things we're into this month' - which is really cool. So we scanned in just that panel, to show you:

'The Freeloader', who is mentioned above, actually used both of his 2 pages in Games For Windows this month to discuss Independent Games Festival-entered games, including odd goryness such as the Adult Swim-distributed Candy Mountain Massacre, as well as eventual finalist Battleships Forever, plus Chameleo, Heaven2Ocean, and the rather neat Scoop, which integrates news headlines into crosswords.

Thought it was cool that the GFW selection included so many non-finalists that were still worth remarking on - showing the depth and breadth of the indie gaming world. Oh, and we're sorry to see 'The Freeloader's close personal friend and IGF judge Darren Gladstone depart GFW Magazine " strap on a pocket protector at PC World. Because I hear the ladies dig that sh*t." Au revoir, Darren, they do... they do.