- Over at TIGSource, they've been kind enough to point out that the Shmup-Dev site, which is filled with homebrew PC shoot-em-up makers, has revealed the winners of its latest competition.

As TIGSource explains: "The theme this year was "Options" a-la those from Gradius I keep losing to the scorpion things. Varia has popped in at first place, a abstract shmup which uses options to clone enemy abilities and send back bullets at the opposing boss."

The2Bears also has lots of detail and links on the winners, explaining: "The top 5, Varia, Akuchizoku, Garden of Coloured Lights, ProtoType II, and Kamiha were all within a few points of each other. Any of these would have been fitting winners, in my opinion. My thoughts on all the entries can be found here." Micro-scenes like this one truly are amazing for making quality, innovative free games.