- Well, one of the reasons that it's been a bit quiet here this week is that I've been helping Matthew Wegner and Steve Swink with Independent Games Festival organizing and judging, and thereby error-resolving and checking a whole heckload of the Main Competition games - since we announce the finalists on Monday.

This is going to be excellent news, since over 170 entrants is a lot to take in, so it'll nice to be focus in on some of the titles that the judges have found particularly interesting. In the meantime, over at IndyGamer, Tim has interviewed Raigan and Mare from Metanet, and also checked in with Everyday Shooter's Jon Mak (pictured looking slightly Christ-like above), and their wide-ranging interviews touch on their own projects, plus their views on IGF entries (the Metanet folks are judges this year, Jon is not.)

Firstly, here's what the Metanetters think: "Last year, Raigan spent all of October doing nothing but playing IGF games.. I think 80 or 90 were judged. This year... is tough because there are no big 'stand outs' but many 'very good' games.. for instance: Gish 2, World of Goo, Cortex Command, Clean Asia, and Crayon Physics. Also, Raigan played DROD and Polychromatic Funk Monkey WAYY too long."

As for the Mak-ster: "I don't think I'd have the time to judge all those entries, and who am I to judge anyway?... Anyway, Crayon Physics looks hawt.. I saw the video of him playing it on a Tablet PC.. geez I'm jealous on so many levels. Clean Asia was one I mentioned earlier. Fez was insane, but they have to put guns in it, and lots of babes. Fish is going to hate me for that. I did play Battleships Forever. That game... man, I needed a roll of toilet paper next to me while playing it. It's like, a teenage boy's wet dream.."

Interesting! How do those picks tie up with the actual finalists? Don't ask me - there's still some last-minute voting going on! Also, it's secret. Check back on Monday and I guess we'll find out.