- Now here's something interesting - we've seen plenty of documentation of people attending game school in the States (not least from recent testimonials on sister site Game Career Guide), but now there's a new blog, called 'The Life and Times of a Video Game Design Student', which "...chronicles the adventures of Andrea Rubenstein as she makes her way through the game design program at HAL in Osaka, Japan."

One of the first posts from Rubenstein explains how she got into HAL, explaining: "From start to finish, applying for and getting into HAL was a nerve-wracking experience. Although I had applied to Yamasa without any outside help, that was in English and this was in Japanese. Not to mention that the Japanese way of doing applications slightly differs from the American and Canadian one."

Also notable is 'The Privilege Of Attending School', which does some financial comparisons: "Let’s look at what I’ll be paying for my first year at HAL: 1,211,000 yen (10,324 USD)**. While that’s still significantly cheaper than getting an out of state education at most American universities, it’s not anything to sneeze at." Of course, the really interesting bit will be the upcoming discussion of the curriculum - looking forward to it. [Via Acid For Blood.]