- Since Guitar Hero III was released this week, we figure it might be time to take stock of, uhh, other people taking stock of the Neversoft-developed title, and The-Inbetween.com has an intelligent but slightly skeptical take on the sequel that is well worth reading.

His first paragraph is a bit of a targeted blast to the status of the series, after being removed from original creator Harmonix: "At one point in Guitar Hero 3, after your band achieves enormous success, you are sent to “Lou’s Inferno” where you have to battle (with ROCK) to win back your souls. It’s a perfect analogy for Guitar Hero 3: the third installment in this now super-successful series lacks the soul that made the previous games so good."

For me, I can see many traces of stylish Neversoft goodness in there, but more than a few bits of slightly corporate-led Activision creative machinations - and the blog has a good point that GHIII is "...a game that comes across as far less gender neutral than the previous two." On the plus side, and it is also noted, "...they’ve expanded the Co-Op and added online options". So overall... I dunno. I'm having a lot of fun playing through Guitar Hero III, but I'm really, really looking forward to Rock Band. Does that put me in the 'everyone' camp?