- So, we posted a in-depth, rambunctious Mark Rein interview on Gamasutra earlier today, discussing subjects like Home's interaction with Unreal Tournament 3 on PlayStation 3 and whether there's a distinctive 'look' to UE3 games (we think there might be, in a nice way.)

But I realize that we missed a cardinal opportunity - to make ridiculous puns in the article title. Sure, it's called 'The Unreal Man: Mark Rein Speaks', but it could have been so much more silly, given that 'rein' is replaceable with 'rain' and 'reign' for groanworthy purposes.

Brainstorming, this is what the editors and me (OK, mainly me, I have nothing better to do) came up with:

- Purple Rein (illustrated with a picture of an enraged Epic VP shaking his fist.)
- Reindrops Keep Falling On My Head
- Rein Of Blood/Rein Of Terror (some kind of backlit horror tableau?)
- Here Comes The Rein Again (Unreal Engine is so ubiquitous!)
- Rein Man (More savant than idiot!)
- Reining It In
- Insane In The Rein (just forget we ever suggested that one.)

Oh dear. We promise we're not picking on Mark - in fact, he's one of the smartest guys in the biz, and I'm glad that previous run-ins with the press haven't changed the Epic VP's lovably outspoken nature. We just need our headline fun! Thanks for understanding, feel free to chip in.