- Hey, Thursday, how's it going? What's that, you say? You'd like a bunch of random links ranging from odd Chocolate Castle-related eating contents to spot-on blog posts on Tabula Rasa?

Oh wait, and a new rumor about where Bioshock 2 is being deployed. Sure, it's a bit showy for us, but we can oblige. Here goes:

Margaret Robertson's Lookspring » Onomatoplaya
'I intend to be the first person in the world to exhaustively catalogue all the games in the world you can play while doing what you’re doing in the game.'

Hey Game Developers, WTF? from 1UP.com
Sharkey obnoxiously points out things that are wrong with games. Adorable.

Japanmanship: Best of the West
Awesome piece on Western game design's success (or lack of) in Japan.

richardcobbett.co.uk > Richard's Online Journal > Tabula Rasa
'It’s a deeply bizarre game, broken on so very many levels, yet strangely compelling, almost despite itself.'

z a c k h i w i l l e r » On Lists
Discussing Ernest Adams' Gamasutra '10 years of games' articles and some new picks.

Merc News blog: The Madness of Randy Stude and the triumph of the PC gaming platform
A good (Dean) Takahashi piece on Intel's beliefs, and the reality, of PC gaming.

...on pampers, programming & pitching manure: Kim leaves Microsoft
Microsoft game biz personage Kim Pallister is off... somewhere. Smart guy!

Braid » Blog Archive » Preview videos will probably happen.
'I have concocted a plan wherein we produce augmented gameplay videos… not just scenes from the game, but also tied to some narration conveying ideas that would be interesting in their own right. ' This will be interesting when it happens!

Arthouse Games: Interview w/Fez's Phil Fish
Another one of the new breed of 'personal', stylish indie games.

The Common Sense Gamer » When the Boys go to Harvard
'Large money and big expectations mean a change of focus on what made MMOs great in the first place.'

Hollywood Reporter: 'Differing perspectives on licensing IPs for casual games'
Specifically referencing Beanbag, who have picked up I Love Lucy, among other things, heh.

GameAlmighty.com - Nothing is Perfect
'I haven't made any official tabulation, but I suspect this year has seen more perfect scores for imperfect games than ever before.' Whinefest!

Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars: Disaster: Your Irrational Behavior is BioShocking
Suggesting that the Bioshock sequel will be made in the Bay Area by a new 2K studio, per a new Gamasutra job posting. Scuttlebutt is a bit vicious, but the actual studio info looks on the money.