- Spooling out the final set of new and older links that were dogging us, there's all kinds of fun in this set of GameSetWatch goodness.

These include the neverending Desert Bus ride and 2D Boy Goo-ing things up for all of us, as well as hilarity from those weirdoes at Soup Du Jour, plus Guitar Hero's audio artist controversy:

Desert Bus for Hope
Former Gama editor Frank Cifaldi's unearthing led inexorably to this - and it's awesome.

Review: Why Assassin's Creed Fails | Game | Life from Wired.com
This is the kind of incisive opinion I want to see on a game, not a 'review'. Bravo.

The Independent Gaming Source: 2D Boy Interview
Great interview about breaking out and trying 'that indie thing' with World Of Goo.

TIGSource Forums: 'Chiptunes'
This is a good recommendation thread, if you like the bleep.

Digital Eel: Soup du Jour
From the 'Weird Worlds' crazies: 'Soup du Jour is a matching game like no other, with rubbery physics, stretchy sound effects and rule-breaking gameplay.'

Video Games Business & Marketing: Paying the Messenger...er distributor
'Viral marketing is really hard. There are very few products that are viral. Expecting your product to be viral is probably not the best approach.'

- Elder Game: MMO game development - Picking Fun Game Verbs
'New verbs can make anything feel fresh. Want to make yet another fantasy MMO? No problem - just make sure it has lots of fresh new verbs!'

MetroActive.com | Guitar Hero Controversy
Very interesting - this is front page of my local San Jose free paper, discussing alleged underpaying of vocalists for Guitar Hero II soundalikes.A bit isolated, but intriguing?

So, you want to be an ARCADE champion? - Blog Archive - Game 23: Armored Car (Stern 1981)
This poor guy is STILL going through MAME alphabetically. He's crazy.

Re: Sega releasing another Brain Age clone, and listing all the others: 'We're okay with you doing this sort of thing, as long as all the profits it makes are reinvested in starting up the hardware division again.'

'Headcase' Flash game reviewed - Jay is Games
'Set in a world of lush pixel art where gravity is fickle and your head is huge, you play a superhero dream-avatar (yes, that's about right) with a big 'up' arrow on your helmet.'