- Ah yes, it's almost the weekend, which can only be a good thing. And to accompany that division bell sounding to pipe us homewards, what better than links about weird PSP games, maximum 'feelies' with Japanese PC game bundles, and why Ratchet & Clank PS3 is nice?

Also, there's some completely obscure early PC game action and the Shakespeare-based virtual world, Arden, is finally upon us. Don't say we didn't warn you when we went all Star Trek holodeck on you:

Impressions: That One Crazy PSP Dungeon Game | Game | Life from Wired.com
Interesting sounding dungeon management game.

Tale of Tales» Blog Archive » Good games, bad games, ugly games
Some really, really interesting comments on this subject - reality is ugly.

Machinima Spotlight: The Snow Witch « Stranger 109
Interesting Sims 2 machinima review.

Terra Nova: Two Releases: Arden I and Exodus
Edward Castronova's Shakespeare-themed game space is available.

The Independent Gaming Source: Gamma256 Games Announced
The allstar low-pixel games entered in Kokoromi's Montreal-based competition.

Akihabara Channel » Eternal Fantasy Package
A $120 Japanese PC game package with crazy amounts of 'feelies'.

Armchair Arcade: Revenge of the Panasonic JR-200U Personal Computer (JR200, JR 200 U) (1983)) - PART 1
Wow, neat piece of game history I didn't know about.

Lost Levels Online: Previously-Unreleased NES Game Now For Sale
An isometric 3D title called Airball - interesting.

POV - A Producer's Point of View: Final Impressions ~ Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Activision exec producer Stuart Roch loves the game, and explains precisely why - good read.

Mark Dobratz - Interview - Adventure Classic Gaming
Great interview with Producer/Project Manager of Myst Online: Uru Live at Cyan Worlds