- Aha, now I've got going with this new-style links thing, it's time to step it up and feature a few more tidbits.

These include bizarre Nintendo DS imports, through TV shows you should be watching to get ready for Rock Band downloadable content, all the way to the dumbest quiz show-based game that we've yet to encounter.

Delicious, m'dears:

The Independent Gaming Source: 'Trilby: The Art of Theft'
Latest game by Zero Punctuation's Yahtzee, great art style.

Ludacris Added to the Impressive Cast of Gerard Butler's Game « FirstShowing.net
'The prisoners are actual convicts who are being "played" in a massive multiplayer game outside of the prison "walls" by gamers.'

First Impressions: Game Center CX | Game | Life from Wired.com
Sounds like a pretty cool DS game in its own right - Atluus?

Metacritic: Ontamarama (ds: 2007): Reviews
Talking of Atlus - blimey, you guys sneaked this one out, and it's a DS rhythm game, too. Lost in holiday rush, bigtime.

'Classic Albums' documentaries - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Looking forward to Rock Band? VH1 Classic has been showing 'Classic Albums' on The Who's 'Who's Next', one of the add-on Rock Band albums - a great primer that made me want to buy the album.

GameDaily - Media Coverage: Rumor Reporter
Tor Thorsen is an awesome editor, but doesn't GameSpot's Rumor Control exist to some extent so they can print outlandish rumors as headlines to get page views, THEN debunk them? I'm so not on board the rumor debunking express.

- National Console Support, Inc. | Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader
I'm highly amused by this DS title - doesn't it lose most of its point if you're humiliating... yourself?

paidContent.org - Marvel To Unveil Subscription-based Online Comics Outlet
Interesting as a comparison point for 'all you can eat' game subscriptions - $60 a year ain't bad, but it depends on what gets rotated in and out, when, and how new it is.

Katworks: Hero's Puzzle Path Game
'Watch the board animate to life as you disarm troublesome tricks and traps' - interesting concepts, if basic homebrew art.

The Secret Diary of Michael Pachter
In the general style of Fake Steve Jobs, only not really funny. Still, good idea!

Switchball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I don't think many people spotted that this recent XBLA addition (lots of fun, though some annoying frame tearing) was an IGF finalist in 2006 under the name Crazyball. Now you know!