- Aha, gonna try to keep up with this daily, regarding the whole random links thing - there's a lot of good content out there in the gaming blogosphere of recent.

Anyhow, today's GameSetMicroLinks include a nice tip sent to me by the GameTap folks on a retrospective, some odd LiveJournal links that probably only I care about, and real rockers trying out Rock Band, as follows:

GameTap: Retrospective: Ultima IV
Ah, back in the Lord British days.

sardius_ LJ: 'DS goin nuts'
Danny goes searching for odd DS games - check out the 'Spanish For Everyone' videos and... marvel.

Points - Blog Archive - Episode 02 online!
Interviewing Dylan Cuthbert on Super FX chip fun for GameVideos.com - approve!

GDC News Blog - 'Director's Cut'
Jamil Moledina's new blog as Game Developers Conference head honcho - neet.

Sleater-Kinney's guitarist tests out Rock Band. - By Carrie Brownstein - Slate Magazine
Thoughtful, piquant article alert.

KidFenris' LJ: 'Outrage Trigger'
Complaining about Douglas Coupland's JPod picking a certain video game as a character's favorite. Deliciously, needlessly hardcore - thumbs up.