- Catching up on this week's RSS feeds (and also semi-prompted via Waxy), it has been revealed that the Casual Game Development Competition 4 results are out - we previously mentioned this when it was in progress.

The overall winner is 'The Tall Stump', which is profiled on JayIsGames, and it's "...an action platformer that feels like an adventure game laced with short puzzles. As you travel through the game you find strange items and learn to use them in even stranger circumstances, all in the name of working your way deeper into the stump."

Also notable - the game is "...created by three talented individuals who form Team MAW — Adam Wilkinson (Australia), Alex May (US) and Handre DeJager (South Africa)." A name rings a bell there - you may recall that we interviewed DeJager about his awesomely bizarre faux game covers last year. Neat!