- OK, so this has been reported a bit already, but over at Gamasutra, the jetsetting Brandon Boyer wrote up Keita Takahashi's GameCity keynote speech today, in which he mainly discussed his upcoming PS3 game Nobi Nobi Boy. But it's worth pointing out this part:

"[Takahashi] used Google Earth to show the audience his childhood home, his current apartment building, and the Namco Bandai headquarters, then double-clicked a Nottingham bookmark and let the application slowly zoom out and pan to the UK. Here, he showed photos of a local park site, where he revealed that he had been commissioned to design a new playground – oft cited as what he might like to do following his game design career."

So yeah - after famously commenting in the past that he might want to make a play area, looks like Iain Simons and the folks at GameCity have hooked it up for the Namco Bandai game designer. Here's what Takahashi wanted to make at the time, playground-wise: "One that's soft, and with lots of big blocky shapes, and a place [kids] can't really get hurt - very colorful - where kids can roll around and be free. But it's probably okay if they occasionally get hurt too."

Anyhow, GSW has an exclusive picture (maybe!) of the unmodified playground he's 'pimping out', direct from his GameCity lecture:

Also worth noting on the Nobi Nobi Boy front, as we said at the end of the Gamasutra piece: "Part of Takahashi's presentation demonstrating Nobi Nobi Boy was filmed by an audience member, and is available for viewing via Gamersyde.com, providing more insight into his relatively abstract concepts." Thanks to the NeoGAF massif for digging this video up - the evolution of Takahashi's new 'game' is v.interesting. And insane, of course.