- The fragrant Jay Bibby from Jay Is Games sent me a note to, uhh, note that "...we are about 13 deep into rolling out the entries for our latest game design competition", and the free web/PC titles are being posted entry by entry over on his excellent Flash/casual game site.

Bibby explains: "This time the theme is "ball physics", and we have over 50 entries submitted! We will continue to roll out one every couple of hours until they are all up. There's a little something for everyone here, and every one of them never before seen (it's one of the requirements of the competition)."

That's pretty neat, and the level of innovation I've seen out of previous competitions has been very high - so it's well worth checking out. I have no idea which are the best title, but I'm randomly showcasing 'Day Of The Bobteds', "..an action puzzle game based on bobteds and... "ball physics". Go figure." It's by the creator of the neat Hapland series, too.