- Over at his Klei Entertainment blog, Eets creator Jamie Cheng has an excellent post called 'Improving the Console Downloadable Games Business', which gets into an area that's particularly important for independent developers in today's market.

This is a particularly interesting listed factor - 'More focus on instant play value': "Even though I understand Microsoft and Sony’s strategy of promoting their download offerings as a source of creative and “new” types of games, I somehow feel they’re doing at the expense of certain potential. New styles of play on an old interface (the controller) often necessitates a learning curve, and this learning curve creates a barrier for customers. Instead, I think they should be focusing on games that are instantly fun — exactly as Microsoft’s name calls for — consumers want arcade games!"

A possibly controversial one, too, is 'Less focus on retro games and advergaming': "Let’s be honest — when you download a game that’s twenty years old, you had great memories of it and are expecting to be thrust back into the nostalgia. Instead, the game is incredibly difficult, and man do the graphics suck. When your new downloads page is filled with these offerings, or poor quality advergames, you’re going to be skeptical about coming back to try new games; you may even miss that great original indie title you’ve been waiting for. In a nutshell — the poor quality games are drowning out and hurting the very games that the platforms are trying to push." Read the full post for more context (and some Virtual Console praise), but I'm not sure I agree - anyone?