- The Pixel-Love blog was kind enough to point out a new blog post from UK game biz veteran Dan Marchant, who has "been writing a series of posts about stupid reasons to go into game development", and recently posted 'Stupid reason #4 - “Most of the games today are rubbish - I’m sure I can do better”'.

Now, sure, you could say the post is a tad depressing, but it illuminates an excellent point: "The logic behind [this motivation to enter the game biz] seems to be that a huge percentage of games that reach the market are badly made, unoriginal, poorly tuned rubbish and so there is a space in the market for a start-up dedicated to making good games. The assumption seems to be that there are a huge number of developers out there who simply don’t care if their game is good and thus it will be easy for a new team to come in and do well."

Of course, as Dan points out, there a multitude of reasons why the end product doesn't necessarily match the vision - from 'Business dictates deadlines' to 'Design is overly ambitious and there is no editing' through 'Lack of ability in critical areas of the dev team' to the perennial 'Lack of publisher support for the developer's vision'. Some of these may be fixed by the 'coming indie storm' of digital distribution - if such one indeed exists - but a number of others won't.

As Dan concludes - and having worked in the mainstream game biz, I broadly agree: "So, if you are an individual looking to break into the games industry in order to “make a difference” you will find that few, if any, of the causes of poor quality games are solvable by just one person." But of course, if you know the right people...