- Thanks to RoushiMSX for pointing out Stefan's Treasure site, in which a Swedish fan shows off what must be the most beautifully presented physical collection we've ever seen in homage to game developer Treasure.

There's essentially one shelf per game, and the rather obsessive collection is also split out by game, and yes, that even includes Wario World, perhaps the Treasure game that's least identified as being made by Treasure - and I claim is actually a bit of a forgotten gem.

But yes, there are a few things Nimrodil doesn't have - and here are the totally obscure ones that made me grin: "Double Pack: Davis Cup World Tour and Gunstar Heroes (Australian)... Bangai-O (N64) Phone card... Radiant Silvergun: plush dolls... Light Crusader; Korean version." So if there are any slightly obsessive OCD-type folks with, uhh, doubles of these, you know where to go!