- Over at Metafilter, they have a post with information about Randy Pausch's last ever lecture, explaining the sad yet touching final CMU talk from the Alice educational game engine co-creator and important game education figure.

Honestly, Metafilter's synopsis is so good and link-packed that I'll include a lot of it here: "Randy Pausch is a pioneer in virtual reality, a computer science professor, a Disney Imagineer, an innovative teacher, and the co-founder of the best video game school in the world."

Pausch was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and "...after a long and difficult fight he's been given just a few more months to live. This week he gave his powerful, funny, and life-affirming last lecture to a packed auditorium at Carnegie Mellon University, entitled "How to Live Your Childhood Dreams". The WSJ's summary, and a direct link to the complete video of the lecture [WMV link]." [Via Gewgaw.]