- It's difficult to get bored (at least, it's difficult for _me_ to get bored) of San Diego-based game comedy jackasses Mega64, and they've been celebrating the release of Halo 3 with a new skit.

As they note of their video, which appeared on SpikeTV's Halo 3 special earlier this week: "Frankly, we are SHOCKED at the inconsiderateness of Bungie to release their game on this date. They are overshadowing a MUCH BETTER TITLE and are hurting their image by going through with this. Email or call Microsoft today and get them to pull Halo 3 off the shelves before it's too late." The video includes facial hair - and lots of it.

But wait, there's more - the 'real' teaser trailer for Season 3 of Mega64, continuing the single game-related video 'thing' we dig the most at GSW. Also duly noted: "So, after watching the V3 trailer, some of you might be thirsty for a new Mega64 DVD, like, right now. Some of you claim that "Mega64 Time" just wasn't enough. Well, we MIGHT have some sort of consolation prize for you. We'd like formally announce here that Rocco Botte of Mega64 has been put in charge of filming and editing the PAX 2007 DVD!" Out soon, perhaps!