- So just a couple of weeks ago, just after his (pictured) UT fundraiser, we ran a report here on GSW from the Korea Times, including "...some hilarious Richard Garriott gossip - claiming NCSoft will pay to fly Garriott into space."

The report said that Lord British's space shot would be to promote Tabula Rasa, and we scoffed: "While I guess Garriott could go eventually, a $30 million promotion for the game? Guessing not." Well, guess what? Just announced is RichardInSpace.com and a press release revealing "...famed game developer Richard Garriott, son of former NASA astronaut Owen Garriott, has begun preparations for a “commercially active” mission to the International Space Station."

However, to be fair: "The first commercial research partner involved in Mr. Garriott’s mission is ExtremoZyme, Inc., a biotechnology company co-founded by Owen Garriott." So NCSoft isn't yet an official partner - although Richard does talk about them in his first blog on the site. But still, if we wore hats, we'd be eating them about now.

[While we're on the Korea Times and NCSoft, John Andersen points out a fascinating new article there called 'NCsoft CEO Stands at Crossroads', which includes incisive analysis of NCSoft's declining profits, why Tabula Rasa is vital for the company, and a few ladlings of gossip about NCSoft boss Kim Taek-jin - definitely worth checking out.]